Monday, September 13, 2010

Rules: Fire Combat

Fire combat in Then Holler is resolved naturally along with movement. It is based on a comparison of the firepower and quality of the attacking unit with the Fatigue Grade of the defending unit. Consider this situation, when the 2nd Virginia gets caught flat-footed by 69th New York.

Note the arrows on the lead companies: these determine the facing of the entire regiment. The "Combat Grade" of a regiment is determined by its "frontage"--put simply, a regiment puts out an amount of firepower equal to the number of companies that can fire. In this case the 69th New York has a frontage of 6 companies (a combat strength of roughly 820 at 1st Manassas) firing for a Combat Grade of 6.

This, plus a few modifiers, is added to the current Fatigue Points of the target regiment. Let's say that the 2nd Virginia has taken the following Fatigue Points so far:

Moving in double line +1 (This is determined by frontage. Regiments that move or change formation take Fatigue Points equal to their final frontage minus one)

Crossing a stream +2

So the 2nd Virginia has a total of 3 Fatigue Points. The Yankee volley has the following modifier:

Close Range +1 (barring extraordinary differences in weaponry, close range will be within 2 inches, normal range within 4, and long within 12. Also note that close range is determined by the range from the lead company.)

Altogether the 69th New York has a Combat Grade of 6 plus 1, 7. They add 7 Fatigue Points to the 2nd Virginia for a total of 10.

Later in the turn action will stop and all units will evaluate their Fatigue Grade. If the 2nd Virginia stays safe until then they will regenerate 5 Fatigue Points (as per their Fatigue Grade) and come out with 5 Fatigue Points left. That's right on the edge of breaking, so they'll need some support or some timely intervention from Jackson himself to hold the line.


  1. so new york get 5 fp for standing 5 wide and 1 more for shooting at close range and that plus the penalties on virginia from movement that turn adds up to the "damage" they inflict that turn?

  2. Exactly, except the 79th is standing 6 wide so it has an initial Combat Grade of 6, not 5.