Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rules: Melee Combat

Melee combat occurs whenever a regiment moves into contact with another regiment. This is called "Charging" and costs 1 Fatigue Point.

To do damage with melee, order the regiment a regiment in melee in the way that you would give it a fire order (you can in fact Charge and do melee combat in the same card pull). Its Combat Grade is equal to the "Melee Frontage" of whatever side of the regiment is in contact with the enemy. A flank attack, in addition to having the + 1 modifier in the same way as shooting, will mean that the target regiment can only attack back only a limited Melee Frontage.

To execute melee combat costs 2 Fatigue Points, as opposed to the normal 1 for shooting.

All relevant Combat Grade modifiers (uphill/downhill, in Stream, etc.) are evaluated normally.

Once a regiment is in melee it can reform as it pleases as per orders, paying normal Fatigue penalties to do so.

A unit may move out of melee combat with a normal move, but it must become disordered at the end of the move.

Being in melee does not prevent a regiment from receiving Fatigue Grade bonuses from leaders nor regenerating fatigue whenever it would normally be allowed.

Regiments in melee may never fire out of it; other regiments may never fire into it.

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