Sunday, September 19, 2010

Illustrated Example of Play: Matthews Hill, part 1

Initial Deployment

This is the battlefield at approximately 9:30 AM. Colonel Evans has positioned his depleted command to concentrate firepower on the northwest road, the most likely avenue of the Yankee assault.

Burnside's brigade leads Hunter's division, searching for the best point to launch the Union hammer blow against the right flank of the Confederate army.

Bartow and Bee, meanwhile, hustle their brigades up the road to reinforce Matthews Hill. They will be able to move on-board when a red 10 is drawn.

The first card pulled is the 3 of Clubs. This allows the Union player (we'll call him Irwin for now) to issue an order to one regiment or leader. Irwin chooses to advance Burnside himself 6 inches down the road.

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