Sunday, September 19, 2010

Illustrated Example of Play: Matthews Hill, part 3

With the 10 of Spades the 14th US moves immediately off of the road and into the woods, hoping to apply pressure to Evans's flank. They take one Fatigue Point for moving through Light Woods.

Now is a good time to clarify the order of battle in the Living Rulebook. The 14th US was attached to Porter's division, who was not present at the first attack on Matthews Hill. They may enter the game as early as Irwin pleases, but without a leader they will not regenerate Fatigue from drawn jacks. Burnside's Command Quality only applies to units under his direct command.

The next card is the 6 of Diamonds, and Pierre directs Company D to join their fellow South Carolinians, sending 2 Combat Grade worth of minnie balls into the 2nd Rhode Island.

The 5 of Spades, and the 1st Rhode Island hits Company B/4th South Carolina with a 4 Combat Grade salvo.

The 2nd Rhode Island is wavering, one Fatigue Point away from danger. The 2 of Hearts is drawn and Pierre orders Company B of the 1st Louisiana to move up from reserve.

Their 1 Combat Grade volley puts a sixth Fatigue Point on the 2nd Rhode Island. Now that the regiment is over 5 Fatigue Points they will rout and take casualties with Queens and Kings. We represent this on the battlefield by moving the companies a little ways apart.

The King of Spades is drawn and the 2nd Rhode Island is all out of luck. Irwin and Pierre check their orders of battle, looking for regiments over 5 Fatigue Points. Company B of the 4th South Carolina is at 9 Fatigue Points and is forced to lose a stand, taking them down to one. The 2nd Rhode Island is at 6, and Burnside watches grimly as his advance loses a company as well.

With a 7 of Spades the 14th US works their way to the edge of the woods, deploying into 3-1 and taking a shot at Company A of the 4th South Carolina.

The 14th US began their move with 1 Fatigue Point. Deploying into 3-1 cost them 2 Fatigue Points (Frontage - 1), moving through Light Woods cost one more, and firing cost one more for a total of 5 Fatigue Points at the end of the turn.

Their volley against Company A has a base Combat Grade of 3. Company A is uphill, which is a -1 modifier, but the 14th's Elite status gives them a +1 modifier in return. They inflict 3 total Fatigue Points on Company A.

With this comes a brief lull in the chaos as the Jack of Diamonds is pulled. Irwin and Pierre both roll for Command Qualities of Burnside and Evans, respectively. Irwin rolls a 2 on a D3, so with Burnside's +1 modifier his final Command Quality is 3. He heals 3 Fatigue Points on all regiments under his command within 6 inches (this is his Command Range, which is equal to Command Quality x 2).

Evans rolls a 3 with no modifiers. He heals his units in the same fashion.

NOTE: If enemy units were in either leader's respective Command Range, the player controlling them would roll a D6 at this point in the sequence. On a roll of 1 the leader is killed.

The Ace of Spades brings another sigh of relief. All regiments heal a number of Fatigue Points equal to their Fatigue Grade.

The 10 of Hearts brings more units into the fray, as it allows Pierre to activate one of his reinforcement brigades. He chooses to activate Bartow and the men of the 7th Georgia are brought out of reserve and pointed towards the smoke beginning to billow down the road...

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