Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Variant: Smoke

This variant introduces "smoke" into the battlefield. The smoke is certainly literal, but it is also an abstraction to generally represent the advantages of prepared volleys and the difficulties of redeploying men under fire.

Here's how to do put it into your games of Then Holler.

When a regiment fires at another regiment, put down a smoke marker. We represent this with an unrolled cotton ball spanning a length across the Frontage of the firing regiment.

Regiments moving through smoke take one Fatigue Point.

When a regiment executes fire combat, trace a straight line from the lead company of the firing regiment to its target. If that line goes through smoke anywhere, reduce their Combat Grade by 1.

Smoke stays exactly where it is laid down until an Ace is pulled. At this point "the smoke clears" and players remove all smoke markers.

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