Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rules: Leaders

Leaders are the glue that holds fighting men together. Their impact can never be fully quantified.

Here is Thomas Jackson before he was "Stonewall," at the head of a mere brigade at 1st Manassas. The diamond counter is how he would be represented on the battlefield; the card would be on the order of battle itself along with the regiments under his command.

In the same way regiments have a Fatigue Grade, leaders have a "Command Quality." Jackson has a Command Quality of D3+2. Again, this is pretty damn good. It doesn't break that bank, though, and his Command Quality would improve when he is in, say, the 2nd Manassas order of battle.

At certain points in the turn all players would be called upon to make a "Command Check" of all of their living leaders. This is done by rolling the die indicated on the card and adding (or subtracting, in Braxton Bragg's case) the indicated modifier. This number is added onto the Fatigue Grade of all units within 3 inches of the leader counter.

Command Quality is a measure of the leader's individual initiative at critical moments of the battle.

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